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Wouldn't you just love to wake up to an inbox full of interested clients? With a star sales letter and compelling, client-targeted web content, that can be a reality.

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Want to improve your online image? The only way to get noticed on social media is with spellbinding tweets and brand consistency.


Just want an expert opinion on your overall online presence? I can tell where you're going right and wrong, and how you can improve your online content and social media profiles.

About Me

Hi! I’m Lauren Sindel, the founder of BestMeBrand and I’m here to listen to you, help you, and provide you with valuable writing services that will benefit your entrepreneurial success. Over the years I’ve worked with some of the biggest, smallest, most mainstream and quirkiest publications around, writing for magazines such as Healthy Living Magazine, Psychologies, Marie Claire, Wanderlust, Origin, Eluxe and online blogs such as HuffPost, One Green Planet, TheThings, TheTravel, and more! In other words, I’ve worked with all shapes and sizes. I’ve been a freelance copywriter for several agencies, journeyed through personal marketing projects for individuals, and enjoyed every moment of it. It’s always fun working with new people and helping them grow their business through compelling copywriting. It would be a pleasure to work with you too!

Recent Posts

June 13, 2019

How to Attract New Followers in 10 Seconds

10 seconds is all you’ve got to leave a lasting impression on people who visit your social media pages. That’s how long it takes for people to decide whether they like you or not. So, how do you make yourself appear interesting and likeable in such a short amount of time? Here are three top factors to consider when trying to boost followers on social media. Make your profile pic pop A poor-quality selfie or

April 17, 2019

Do You Really Need a Copywriter?

You’ve probably already heard about the importance of quality content for your business. You probably don’t want to hear it again. But you’re wondering just how valuable a copywriter could be for enhancing your business and all its wonderful assets, correct? Here’s the bottom line: A professional, experienced copywriter can and will make your website stand out and really sell your service. All those company websites you’ve landed on over the months, years, whatever …

May 17, 2018

Want An Honest Opinion About Your Web Copy?

Whether you are starting a new business or just in one of those mid-way slumps, sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes to take a look at things. Working night and day on your website is fine. But working that closely to your business requires new insight. As crazy as the comparison is, think of it as standing directly in front of a wall for three consecutive months. You can only see your side

May 9, 2018

Why Hire A Copywriter?

Think about the last time you used a service or purchased a product. It could be online or offline. Either way, you will probably remember that there was something about the wording that caught your attention. Words like ”new,” ”affordable,” and the ”best” may have cropped up. Behind those influential words and phrases is a talented copywriter. Take Apple’s recent iPhone 5 ad: ”Loving it is easy. That’s why so many people do.” Sure, the

Personal Branding: What Do You Want People To Say About You?
May 2, 2018

Personal Branding: What Do You Want People To Say About You?

In the words of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, ”Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” So it all really comes down to how you want to be perceived. That’s what personal branding is: the image you present to the wider public. The way we see it, you can either let yourself be influenced by the perceptions others have of you or you can take charge of your old

What Is Branding?
April 21, 2018

What Is Branding?

Branding to a business is like oxygen to a human. You don’t see it. You feel it. And you rely on it to survive. Without good branding, you are just another company on the horizon that has nothing new to say or deliver. We’re not short of offers these days. Usually, the demand is a lot less than the supply. That is why you must stand out from the crowd if you want to leave

April 20, 2018


Professional Copywriting Services for Startups, Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs Helping small businesses claim their credibility in the industry and target their ideal client through brand analysis and/or recognition, and coherent copywriting services. Want a professional copywriter to clean up your copy or start from scratch? Luckily, you can turn your efforts to other important business tasks, while I curate your copy with brand voice and values intact, illuminating your incredibleness! I Can Help: Enhance your

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Luisa - Online Personal Stylist

''I’ve used Lauren’s services on numerous occasions now. Not only is she an outstanding writer, she also provides constructive feedback on your existing copy.''

Luisa - Online Personal Stylist -
Martin Lengechev

I used to work with Lauren for a few publications about Lanzarote, Canary Islands. She is a really creative and talented person when it comes to writing. Definitely will work with her again.

Martin Lengechev -
Kate Good, Editor at One Green Planet

I worked with Lauren for over three years and it was a wonderful experience. Not only is she reliable and highly professional, but she is incredibly passionate about raising awareness for some of the most pressing issues facing animals and brings a unique insight into her work. Lauren's ability to capture emotion and turn that into compelling and empowering content shines through all of her articles.

Kate Good, Editor at One Green Planet -
Desi, Save Me Foundation

When it comes to writing, touching people’s hearts with your words, it’s one of the best qualities you can wish for! And this is how I feel about Lauren and her way of projecting emotion with her words! Thorough the years, she has written quite a few stories about me and my rescue, and has helped us raise money to save animals’ lives! As achievements go, I think she should be most proud for not only being able to write in her own wonderful style, but for contributing towards the welfare of animals and people! Look forward to her future project, and I know whatever she puts her heart into, she will be successful in it!

Desi, Save Me Foundation -