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First impressions count. That is why we are dedicated to honing your brand so that you say exactly what you want to say and leave the right impression on your readers. Why do you think the likes of Facebook, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola are so famous? It’s because they’ve developed their brand. Each has a strong brand so distinct from one another, they stick in your mind.

Whether you’re an individual seeking a resume writing service or a business searching for website copy, your ultimate goal is the same: to be seen. To be remembered. That’s what we can help you with. With our copywriting services, Best Me Brand can make sure you are seen and remembered.

We also offer reviewing and consultation services. So if you have a website that you’d like us to review or you’d like to talk to us via live chat about ways you can improve your site, we can help with that too.

Here are the freelance copywriting services we offer:

Website Content

Are you setting up a new website? While design and visuals are important, so is content. People trust good content. That is why your website should contain compelling and authentic content. Because the recipe for a successful website is a leading homepage, an authentic about page, an informative services page and a quick-to-the-point contact page. Think of your website as your personal exterior. This is how your clients and the world are going to see you.

Web content packages:

  • Basic  (Homepage, about page, contact page) – $350
  • standard (Homepage, about page, contact page, services page, FAQ page) – $600
  • Premium (Homepage, about page, Contact page, services page, FAQ page, blog post, other custom page) – $800

*individual pages can be completed upon request.

Blog Writing

People lose concentration after eight seconds. That means you have to create content that will grab their attention right away otherwise they’re not going to stay.  If you want someone to stay on your page, the answer lies in generating interesting content. Think back to a time when you couldn’t get past the second sentence of an article. Why? Because it wasn’t good, interesting content. If you want your reader to make it past the first couple of sentences and hopefully right until the end, your content must be compelling.

Do you need compelling content for your website or blog? Let us say what you want to say in an article for you.


  • Short (400 words) – $50
  • Standard (700 words) – $80
  • Long (1200 words) – $120

Resumes and Sales Letters

When written well, resumes and cover letters can land you the job of your dreams. If you were to go to a job interview or a business meeting, you wouldn’t go without washing your face and brushing your hair. You’d put your best foot forward. So why should your resume or cover letter be any different? They too need to look polished.

With our resume writing services, we can make the best of your skills and your brand and transfer that onto the page.

  • Resume – $150

  • Cover letter – $120

Ad copy

Ads are everywhere these days. People think that in order to stand out from the crowd and gain visibility, you need to be unique. Wrong. You are already unique. You just need to discover that unique part of yourself or your business. We can help you do that with our ad copywriting services. We’ll make sure you get targeted content for your social media ads.

Let us craft a compelling ad for the platform of your choice (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, etc.)

  • Single ad – $50

  • Full business package (Standard website content, resume, sales letter, ad copy) – $900

Website Branding Evaluation

When you are constantly working on your website, it’s hard to see things from another perspective. That’s why we want to be your second pair of eyes. Would you like an honest opinion about your website and a few tips on how you can make it better so that it stands in alignment with your brand? We can help! We offer two different services: the website branding evaluation service (get a one-time review of your website to hear how you can make it better and more in line with your brand) and the website branding evaluation live chat (let’s talk about your website, your brand, and any issues you’re struggling with via live chat. Together, we’ll discuss how you can make it better and get to the bottom of any niggling issues you can’t solve alone).

Website branding evaluation  – $59 (up to five pages)
Website branding evaluation via live chat – $37 per hour

Get in Touch

If you have any questions or you would like more information about our copywriting services, contact us here. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.